Grain LNG Open Season Notice

Grain LNG Open Season Notice

Please find below the links to Grain LNG’s Open Season Notice and corresponding annexes:

? ? ? ? Please note. the following two clarifications have been made to the TUA:

1.3.1 the issuance of a service reduction notice in accordance with Section A4 of the New Shipper Access Code will not operate so as to reduce for any Day the New Shipper’s Delivery Capacity or GLNG’s obligation to Deliver gas pursuant to Part C of the New Shipper Access Code and in the event GLNG fails to meet its Delivery obligations for any Day in consequence of a service reduction notice? then compensation will be payable by GLNG in accordance with Section C8.1 of the New Shipper Access Code; and? ? ?

1.3.2? where GLNG is liable for permanent loss of LNG arising for any reason not attributable to the fault of a New Shipper and not limited to the permanent loss of LNG arising as a consequence of loss of or physical damage caused to the Terminal Facilities, nothing in the New Shipper Access Code or New Shipper GTCs shall limit such liability except as to the amount of compensation to be paid by GLNG which (in accordance with Section A2.3.3(a) of the New Shipper GTCs) is limited to payment of an amount reflecting the market value of the lost LNG (based on the NBP Day Ahead Price on the Day of the loss) less the New Shipper’s avoided variable costs of delivery and transportation.

Upon request, Grain will provide participants with copies of our Terminal Operating Procedures and Cost Allocation Principles. Please email if you would like to receive a copy of these documents (subject to entering into a Confidentiality Agreement).